Sunday, December 15, 2013

"I'm Thinking of Becoming a Vegan."

"I'm thinking of becoming a vegan." Those were the words I uttered in the car after my husband and son picked me up from my company's annual holiday training and party, the theme of which focused on health and well-being, complete with vendors (one of which was a vegan restaurant).

Brief silence.

"Buahahahaha! You're kidding, right?", is the response from the insensitive driver, "There's no way you could handle that!".

"No, I'm not kidding. You know we've been trying to eat better and today I tried some vegan dishes that I really liked."

From the back seat, "Mom, what is a vegan?".  Ah, my only child, surely a voice of support once he sees how mommy wants to change her fast-food eating ways.

"Well, vegans don't eat meat, cheese, ice cream, eggs-things like that."

"What do they eat?"

"Leafy stuff and grains and fruits."

Another silence.

"I agree with dad, mom."  E tu, Sonny?

"Yeah, hon, after a day or two, you'll have to get injected with a hamburger!". More laughter and jeering from the #evilone that I've been married to for over two decades.

How dare these two. . .boys. . .doubt my desire to embrace a new lifestyle! Can't they see me mixing green smoothies in the morning and eating homemade kale chips for a snack? Perhaps a vegan eggnog on Christmas Eve?  And in between nutrient-filled, plant-based meals, going for brisk walks and sweating through hot yoga? What is so difficult to imagine about that??!!!?? 

Sure, I constantly post photos of poke bowls, banana splits, baked goods and plates of food from places like Tsukiji's and Highway Inn. Ok, I go out of my way when I travel to plot out the local eateries and capture shots of me devouring butter rolls from 4 Sisters Bakery on Maui, New York pizzas, soul food in D.C. and In and Out Burgers in California. It's part of my travel adventures!

Now I can post photos of . . .papaya salad in San Francisco,
lentil soup in Florida and almond milk ice cream in
Oregon.  A random image of a rib-eye steak flashes in my mind. #temptation

Every figure in history faced heaps of temptation on their quest for greatness, right?

I shoot my husband and son side-way glances of irritation. #nonbelievers #dreamkillers

I'll show them! I will start with a menu and a grocery list, I'll google the best vegan recipes and consult with people like my niece, who has lived a vegan lifestyle for some time now (and looks fantabulous!). Then I remember that Foodland is coming up ahead on the right and they have some great brownies.

"Um, can we stop by Foodland?"

"What for?"

"I just need to buy something."

"Uh huh", he replies with a smug look on his face.  Eh, he can keep the smug look while I enjoy my brownies. . .and plan for the great vegan conversion on Monday.

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