Thursday, August 2, 2012

My Prayer. . .

Dedicated to my favorite newlyweds. . .

I watched the bride as she moved gracefully across a sea of grass,
On the arm of her father, veil blowing gently in the breeze.
I watched the groom as he caught sight of his wife to be,
His gaze never left her beautiful face as she made her way to nature’s altar by the ocean.
The raindrops came, soft and steady, a reassuring gesture that her beloved grandma was sending blessings on this blessed day.

With tears, he handed his little girl over to the man who would vow to protect and 
honor her until death do them part.
I looked upon the faces of those who gathered to witness this union,
Mother, father, sister, brother, family and friend, united in our celebration.
We sang, we prayed, we wept with joy and we surrounded them with love as they made their marriage covenants before God and family.
And as they held hands and turned to face their future together as husband and wife, in my heart, I sent up a prayer for their life ahead.  And this was my prayer. . .

I pray that you remember the vows you made this day.  May it remind you of your commitment to remain unified for eternity.

I pray that you honor and love one another always. And as the years pass and familiarity and routine sets in, that you never forget to be courteous, that you never forget to be kind and that you treat your spouse as the divine child of God that they are.

I pray that you wake up every morning in one another’s arms and that you start the day by thanking the Lord for another 24 hours with the person you are privileged to call ‘husband’ or ‘wife’.

I pray that your home may be filled with the sounds of laughter, sentiments of tenderness, words of encouragement, humble prayers and one day, the pitter-patter of little feet.

I pray that your lives be filled with adventure, success, abundance, food, travel, music, dance, family and friends and always, growth and learning. I pray that service to one another and your loved ones be a part of your family’s mantra.

I pray that you practice forgiveness on a daily basis and that your memory of hurts, faults and indiscretions be short. I pray that you seek to build one another up with your words and actions and refrain from those things that would tear the other down.

I pray that you always have each other’s back, that you remain loyal and that you always remember that you belong to each other exclusively and forever.

I pray that when the storms of life descend upon you and the adversary is closing in, that you hold fast to one another and to the rock of God and your loved ones. That during the days of trial and your journeys through the valley of darkness and sorrow that inevitably lies ahead, that you may find strength and courage and peace to make it through. Know this, I pray you always know this. . .that when you feel alone and hopeless and lost, know that we are all singing and praying and weeping with you, surrounding the two of you with love. . .from wherever we may be on God’s earth and in His heaven above.

This is my prayer for two people I love, on this, their wedding day and every day thereafter. . .

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