Friday, March 9, 2012

The Agreement

10:30pm: I sat on my back porch, one sneaker on and one sneaker in hand, listening to the rain fall. I sought. . .motivation. And at the very same time I sought. . .an excuse. My mind raced through a number of questions, answers and scenarios as to how this would turn out.

"Well Delia, you agreed to exercise 5 days a week for 30 minutes."
"But it's 10:30 at night, I'm tired and I just woke up!"
"I could always work out on Saturday. . ."
"Uh yeah, like that's gonna happen!"
"It's cold, rainy and there are flash flood warnings on Oahu."
"And this pertains to you how?" (staring at the elliptical machine in my covered back patio)
"I can make it up tomorrow."
"You're gonna do 1 hour on a Friday night?"
"And how are you gonna explain this away to the 'team'?"
"You better reach out for help now."

*Sending SOS text message*
*Incoming text message: "Push Dee! U got this! Get on that treadmill and do a quick 30 minute run."*

"Crap, putting on the other shoe now. . ."

Perhaps now would be a good time to mention that I have a 'team'. Last week I set a goal for myself, you know, the goal we all make for ourselves 3 or 4 times a year. The "I will lose x amount of weight by this date, I'll refrain from eating this, that and the other, will drink 5 gallons of water a day and work out religiously." Engaging myself alone in that agreement hasn't worked too well for me in the past, so I came up with the brilliant idea of engaging a 'team'! I chose an accountability partner, wrote up an agreement which my partner accepted responsibility for helping me uphold, I bought a new scale and downloaded a calorie counter application on my iPhone. I included Hubby in on my plans, enlisted the support of one more friend and away I went.

One week later I'm cursing myself for including so many people in on my delusional exploits. So much accountability! Did I mention that my accountability partner is kind of a hard a**? Which is why that person was chosen. . .and then there's the loving support of the others. Did I also mention that half of my support team is overseas? Which means that I receive emails, texts and Voxer messages of inspiration, support and threats (joking). I could easily lie. . .sometimes I fantasize about eating a Big Mac and reporting that I ate a salad, but no. . .I wouldn't do that to the 'team'.

Funny how we're so much better at being accountable to others and not to ourselves, sometimes. One day when I grow up, my goal is to be able to make agreements with myself that I will always keep, even when no one is looking, asking, emailing, texting or Voxing. In the meantime, I'm grateful for "Team Delia".

11:15pm: 30 minutes of exercise completed

"Hey, maybe I can do this after all. . ." :)


  1. Go Dee Goooooo!!!!! Go Dee Goooooo!!!!!! Fist pumping your way to a healthier tomorrow!!!! Sorry Dee but did you say your accountability partner was a hard a**?!?! Naaaaahhhh really?!?! *insert sarcasm here* Luckily he's afraid of my wrath *big run up* *Roooooooaaaaaarrrrrr* *karate chop* *back flip* *fly kick* *block* *duck* *pivet* *KABOOOWW* !!!!!!!

    Okay I think I just mentally sprained my back and conjured up a few imaginary bruises and fake cuts. How's about I leave the E.L.P machine (I made up that acronym up cos I never know quite how to say it quickly) in your trusty hands and I'll continue to detest the 'look at me I'm soo intuned with my body that I can twist it in soo many different inhumane ways* Yoga teacher whom I secretly think has an insatiable foot fetish and the trusty ol treadmill that I swear has this personal vindetta against moi!!!!! There's a reason why I watch Revenge whilst working out... Be very weary *evil laugh* *dracula laugh* *witch stirring the glowing green cauldron laugh* Okay okay who am I kidding *FOB laugh*!!!!!! Buahahahahahahaha

  2. Hey there yoga and kung fu master! Yes, the accountability partner fears you and rightfully so, keep him in line sistah! Keep up the great workouts, don't let the teacher keep touching your feet and kill that treadmill! You'll be looking fab for *you know what* in *you know when* (wink, wink). I Heart my Team. xoxo